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Personal Chef UK Ltd A company providing gourmet home and business catering for discerning customers
I am Personal Chef with twenty years experience providing catering services for busy people. (Like a private chef but booked on a daily basis.)
Parties, dinner parties, business functions and everyday cooking for the freezer.
My valued clients are varied and their requirements even more so. In the past I have cooked food for, among many others, Earl and Countess Spencer, HRH The Princess Margaret, Sir Mark and Lady Weinberg (Anouska Hemple) of Blakes Hotel fame, I am chef to Their Royal Highnesses Prince Abdulaziz AlThani and the Princess, whilst they travel.
For Sir Dominic and Lady Cadbury, for the family and friends of Boris Berezovsky. Managing Directors of many great British companies, Solicitors, Doctors and famous sports personalities.I have many famous clients now. I do however cook for ordinary people too and they are great fun and just as interesting to work for.
From gourmets to Atkins Diet fans. I take the drudgery out of home cooked meals and shopping preventing you from 'glowing in the dark' from constant takeaways.

Alexander, a successful IT consultant and his girlfriend Fiona wanted a belated birthday dinner for friends at home.
Fiona is a busy estate agent and property manager.
"There is absolutely no time left for me to prepare elaborate dinners." She says.
"I really like good food and it would take me hours to source all the best ingredients etc, so I now leave it all to Fay, my Personal Chef. She shops, prepares and cooks whatever I fancy. Her range is so extensive that I can trust her to cook everything perfectly, however 'off the beaten track'
" A few months ago we had seared Foie Grass on Brioche toast followed by marinated Sea Bass fillets with a wonderful lime sauce. For dessert Fay made a beautiful hot dark chocolate and vanilla Soufflé, It was to die for! "I just never need to get all stressed out in order to entertain my friends at home any more. I just come home bathe and change, if I wish I can do all the fiddly girlie things to set the table or I can just leave it to my Personal Chef. It doesn't actually cost much more than a really good restaurant, and the more guests the cheaper the comparison. The quality and enjoyment of it has no comparison. It is just absolutely heavenly. When it's all over the kitchen looks like a new pin and there is usually something left for lunch the following day so really it is extremely good value for money.
"I work a lot of hours and didn't have time to get everything ready, and I wanted to be able to spend time with my partner's relatives, instead of cooking."It was fabulous," Fiona said.

I have cooked for families, businesses, diplomats and royalty, all over England, Provence, Venice and New Zealand.

Having been a chef for 18 years and successfully running Fay's Home Cooking
personal chef services since 1998 I Started PersonalChef.UK in 2000 as an
agency/representative for other chef's in the UK who wish to become part of this rapidly growing new industry, which was recently
voted one of the top new growth industries in US. Chefs who are accepted on Personal Chef UK website have to be top quality and reliable.
Able to produce splendid meals for our valued clients. One substantiated complaint and they are removed unceremoniously. I want to be trusted by my clients. All of my chefs are fully qualified and experienced. I do train chefs if they have exceptional qualities. I also have several Butlers on my books, and one or two
Lady Butlers. I am just about to launch an Indian Chef's page. I have some very talented chefs from all over The Indian continent offering very varied cuisine.
My background is originally in TV food commercial advertising. I have been Chef/Owner of two restaurants the last one featured on the Food Guide on Anglia TV and had three luxury letting apartments for overnight stays by executives or even honeymooners. We used to specialize in very small themed weddings with exquisite food and service. Our restaurant was of a Russian background and the food was lavish as were the helpings of caviar.
After some years as a caterer I now specialize as a Personal Chef . I work for some of the worlds top people in business and society, I have often worked in stately homes for titled people, but still enjoy cooking for the prize winners that win me from time to time and they can be ANYONE!
My work includes many food production services for TV and Film I produce a great deal of food and recipes for The Paul O'Grady Show...and have appeared 3 times this year on BBC Breakfast TV.
Recently completed a 1-year contract with BBC as a prize on a game show. This year I am a prize in Hello Magazine, among others, to win a chef for Christmas Day.

Hosted the Roast Rage phone-in for 3 years for EBLEX

Cooking and recipe writing and photographyfor many in-store cookery cards and 'Try' cards





Chef Fay
Chef Fay Olinsky