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The Personal Chef
Personal chefs are joining personal trainers and life coaches in the retinue of people who service busy people’s lives.
Although Private Chefs have been around for a long time, the Personal Chef originated in the US and is enjoying a phenomenal success as more and more people find they no longer have time for food preparation at home.
The Personal Chef's clients are not only celebrities throwing lavish parties, but professional people with hectic schedules who don’t have the time or interest to plan, shop for and prepare daily meals. Typically such people are tired of relying on restaurants and supermarket ready meals, and want to eat freshly prepared, preservative/additive-free meals at home.
Home Entertaining
Many people choose to entertain at home, it's safer, more comfortable and you can keep an eye on the baby! One client recently pointed out that although she thought it expensive at first, when she calculated the cost compared to eating out, along with the baby-sitter fee and a taxi so they could drink wine, the Personal Chef service was cheaper.
One clear advantage that a good and capable Personal Chef can provide is a complete choice to the clients preference. Food is chosen and cooked the way you want it, you pay market prices for the ingredients and a fee for the chef plus travel if more than ten miles.
A Trusted Friend
A Personal Chef is, like your hairdresser, your fitness trainer or any other personal service provider, a good and trusted friend who strives to provide a service dictated by you. Although some chefs stick to a menu list, the best Personal Chefs will create menus purely for the client, the menu suggestions are just for ideas. After a while the chef learns the likes and dislikes of the client and can be left to plan an absolutely perfect dinner celebration from a quick 'phone call or EMail request. The menu is sent with the quote, the date fixed, deposit paid and your celebration meal is a piece of cake. No fuss no mess no work for you. Enjoy your evening with your guests without a worry in the world. At the end of the evening your kitchen is cleared and cleaned, any food left is packed and stored in the fridge for the next day if you wish. You pay the chef the balance and relax for the rest of the evening.
Will Cook Anywhere
" But I only have a tiny kitchen" you may ask, No problem all things are taken into account when the menu is designed. If necessary much of the pre-preparation can be done in advance at the chef's own place of work. Vegetable peeling, de-boning etc. All the messy stuff is taken care of. The dishes will be designed to suit the occasion and the venue. A very experienced chef will have cooked in many different environments and is capable of literally cooking on a bonfire if he/she has too. (Refer to Keith Floyd cooking programmes!)
The personal-chef phenomenon started out in the US and over the past two years demand has rocketed. American new-business analysts have earmarked personal cheffing as one of the top 20 new growth businesses. Overheads are low — there’s none of the risk of setting up a restaurant. Personal chefs don’t necessarily need to have their own ultra-sophisticated professional kitchen, merely a portable batterie de cuisine.

Themed Dinners
Themed Dinners are fast becoming the new 'going out' Just imagine dressing up as Marie Antoinette for a 'French Revolution' Themed dinner, or perhaps you would like to be Captain Edward J Smith having his 'Last Dinner on the Titanic' sitting beside 'Nellie' Widener in all her finery straight from Paris. The Personal Chef able to create these dinners with the flair and style that they naturally require, is not far short of a film director as well as a great chef. If you are a truly creative person who loves to see people enjoying themselves and can function under extreme stress without flapping. If you are willing and able to research and provide clients with character, costume and setting information. You will undoubtedly have found your forte here. The most requested keyword for my web site is 'Babette's Feast' and that is what started me on the Themed Dinner adventure. It is a never ending one and immensely satisfying not just for the chef but for the host or hostess if it all goes well. With help and advice from PersonalChef.UK it will always be a roaring success.
Fay Olinsky
Personal Chef.UK Ltd.

Personal Chef
in the UK today
Today many busy people organize their lives with the help of professionals such as hairdressers, personal fitness trainers, lifestyle/wardrobe co-coordinators, housekeepers and cleaners to name but a few. A Personal Chef is in the same league, someone who, because of his/her knowledge experience and training helps relieve you of another time consuming anxiety and enables you to carry on with your busy life without compromising your health and lifestyle. At one time it was normal and affordable for many families to have their homes organized by live-in staff, a butler, a cook, a housekeeper and many others.
With smaller accommodation, high wages and the attitude to being ‘in service’ make these the prerogative of the extremely rich and/or royal households.
A Personal Chef is yours for the day, to shop cook, prepare your meals for the week (5 days) The meals are either frozen or suitably stored for consumption over the week or they can be kept in the freezer for a later time. A Personal Chef can also organize your kitchen and clean/clear cupboards and fridges (for instance after an unexpected hospital stay, or just because you have been overwhelmed with work lately) Perhaps you really wish to seriously start a new diet regime; the Personal Chef is on hand. The Chef will clear all unsuitable items from your kitchen and replace with your dietary needs for the following week/fortnight. I.e. if you decide to do ‘Atkins’ or similar, all of the two-week induction meals will be prepared for you and stored/frozen ready for you to take out and enjoy. It takes the pressure off the most important phase of the diet and lets you get on with life without the tedium of cooking unusual and often peculiar items.
Dinner Parties
These should give everyone pleasure including the hostess. Let a Personal Chef organize the cooking for you and you can relax with your guests. You have a lovely meal, no shopping, cooking or worry. At the end of the evening your kitchen is as clean as a whistle, you didn't’t have to organize restaurants, taxis, baby sitter, or worry who does or does not drink that night.
Company Philosophy
Our Philosophy is simplicity, perfect ingredients, and good taste. The presentation is up to you unless we are preparing your dinner party in which case we follow your wishes with an emphasis on good taste. Food is the primal desire our bodies crave, the reason a person over-eats is this; it is not receiving its basic needs in the diet choices. We all need fats, carbohydrates, and proteins etc. but more importantly we need the trace elements and minerals in acceptable forms along with the carrying foods that enable the body to absorb them. If we deny our bodies these basic elements we create eating disorders and cravings that can spiral out of control. Highly commercial diet foods only exacerbate the problem (to the great increase of the fortunes of the companies marketing them) I personally am a purist as far as good food is concerned; I will not combine unsuitable foods for effect or to feign brilliance. If I make a Glace á La Vanille the recipe will be found in any book from the French classic tradition. I will not use cheap fats or thickeners i.e. hydrogenated fats in order to retain crispness; this unnatural substance is a major contributor to obesity in the West today.
Flavour is balm to the palate and if you satisfy it cravings will ease just like pain does with stroking. Combining classic flavours such as strawberries with cream, tomato with basil, lamb with garlic, caramelized apples with puff pastry or chicken with tarragon to name a few, will make pleasing your palate an intensely enjoyable experience which will go a long way to easing the stresses and strains of modern life. Of course that does not mean I will never produce something exciting! An Ethiopian Chicken Stew for example. Authentic in every way including the Teff bread plate.
Personal Chef UK Ltd
My purpose and the purpose of all associates of Personal Chef UK.Ltd is to make eating fun and easy for you. We carry out your requests and produce any dish to the best of our ability.

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Home Meal Replacement Service
Freezer Filling

Freezer Filling
Some Chef's specialise in filling the freezer with exciting meals for the week ahead, others create wonderful dinner parties. The best can do both and become a trusted supplier to several clients providing everyday meals and special occasions that run smooth as silk.
Unlike general catering companies a Personal Chef works with a small number of regular clients on a weekly basis and several more on a casual arrangement, i.e. Annual dinners, celebrations, country house weekends etc.

The English Personal Chef.
Able to understand the wishes of British clients, the traditions and customs that we like to treasure, especially on family occasions. The English Personal Chef will not surprise you with strange and unexpected combinations. Experienced, knowledgeable and used to discipline in some of the most prestigious households in England and abroad, the chef will interpret your wishes to the letter. Having long standing accounts with some of the best British suppliers you will be guaranteed the flavours and textures of your favourite fare.
The English Butler will serve your fine wines with care and knowledge, looking after your guests dining needs.

The Continental
Personal Chef
A perfectionist, a purist and dedicated to capturing the essence of the great chefs of Europe. Classic French dishes, rustic Provencal feasts, Aromatic and colourful Italian Cucina, Rumbustuose dishes from Germany and Scandinavia.The Continental Personal Chef will delight the palates of you and your guests. No dish is out of range where this chef is concerned.

The Fusion Personal Chef
Qualified and experienced in all disciplines of culinary art the Fusion Personal Chef carries out the fine blending of East West cuisine to perfection. From the wonders of the great Indian Continent to the far East and Polynesia. You will find this style of cooking in countries like Australia and New Zealand to name a few. For a truly enlightening food experience this is the style for you.

The Kosher/Halal
Personal Chef
A Personal Chef with in- depth knowledge and understanding of the religious dietary laws of Islam and Judaism and a full understanding of the importance of complying with them. Able to authentically create traditional foods using suppliers prefered by the client.

Chef Fay Olinsky
caters for all of the above

Can I Afford a
Personal Chef?

If you are a two earner family with no time to cook healthy meals at home, you are probably spending more on food for your family than a Personal Chef would cost .
Just think of the time you would
save! Up to 15 hours a week free from shopping cooking clearing and washing up pans etc. Remember we cook four generous portions of delicious food for your freezer, be it starter mains or dessert* and you have five days worth of food to eat as and when you like.

Five mains, five desserts or starters or combination of both
or 7 main meals only

Personal Chef UK

Every day brings a new enquiry from someone who wishes to start up in business as a Personal Chef. This site is designed to give information and support to such people. Currently I have 12 chefs on my books who I feel confident enough to pass on work if I am already booked up or if the job is too far away for me. I have been a Personal Chef for a number of years now and have run my business purely via my web site since 1999. It is the most successful form of advertising with almost 90% of enquires resulting in work. I feel now that this business is ripe for take-off in Great Britain. I am now hosting web pages for Personal Chefs, designed and managed by myself and updated regularly as the Chef requires for a very reasonable fee. Not only does this give the new Chef the exposure on the net that I have been able to generate over the past few years it also gives support from someone with hands on experience of this work. PersonalChef.UK works closely with several other sites to provide multi-linked pages that ensure a prominent web presence. Being associated with PersonalChef.UK your page will carry the company name and your own name or chosen title.
When a potential customer searches for personal chef in UK you can be sure your page will be associated with a link in the first few selections the search engine picks. I design the page to contain items suited to your specialised skills and the areas you wish to work. For information on this service please EMail your request to

Become a Chef
" Do I need to be a qualified Chef?"
It helps! but cooking experience is the essential ingredient here, along with confidence and an amiable non-flappable personality. If you have ever worked as a cook/housekeeper or cook/butler you have all the right beginnings.
If you cook for people other than family, on a regular basis you are probably well on the way to becoming a Personal Chef. I don't mean flipping burgers and frying chips, this is by no means 'fast food' although it helps if you are quick!

Each Chef develops their own clientele individually. You learn to specialise according to your ability and the clients enjoyment. The most rewarding experience is to be asked back for more of the same. Of course you will need a Food Hygiene Certificate from your local Authority as will anyone who works with you, including family members. Cooking in other peoples homes does not require a licence or other red tape, however, for the benefit of you and your clients it is advisable to take as many courses as you can on the specialties you intend to pursue. Many famous restaurants and hotels offer short courses which, although expensive, are also very enjoyable. Keep up to date with food ideas and trends until you are confident enough to develop your own style and recipes
If you intend to go into this seriously it is advisable to obtain insurance (I personally carry insurance for up to £5m.) If you think that is excessive don't, your next job could be in a palace! PersonalChef.UK can provide insurance advice and recommendations. You will also require a vehicle with some form of refrigeration or cold storage for transporting ingredients. If you are cooking in your own kitchen remember that it has to be licensed and regularly inspected by the local authority.


Due to the massive increase in applicants to become Personal Chefs

There will soon be a CV listing service available on Personal Chef .UK.Com

This will be a charged for service.

for information about this send an EMail request to PersonalChef.UK


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