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Jan 2009 Dear Fay


Happy new year to you and to all you cherish.

Thanks for all your efforts during the past 2 years to satisfy the needs of the royal family. I know that it is not always easy.




Dec 2008


Dear Fay

Thankyou very much for the proffessional service you offered to us on Christmas day. Everybody without exception commented on the beautiful food, in particular our Australian visitors who had never experienced the delights of sprouts or red cabbage before! Please pass on our thanks to your butler and assistant who were both helpful and charming.
I hope you had a chance to celebrate your own Christmas day on your return and I wish you a happy New Year Your sincerely
Ni***** P*****n

Dec 2008

Dear Fay


I just wanted to thank you very much for all your hard work yesterday and the beautiful food.  It really looked fantastic and made a wonderful item.  I’m sorry it all got a bit heated backstage!!


Thank you for everything, I shall pop the cheque in the post. Also, we have your trifle bowl and a punch bowl (is that yours?)


Thank you



Harriet Manby

Assistant Producer

The Paul O'Grady Show

Dear Fay
We were all delighted with the meal and presentation.
Congratulations to all

J*** Q****y P*******

May 2008

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for Saturday.  The dinner set off what was a fantastic weekend for my wife and everyone who was there enjoyed it immensely.  If any of my friends are looking to do something similar I will be sure to recommend you.
Thanks and regards.

R***** M******
Head of ****, Major Corporate Banking

July 2008

Dear Fay,,

Thank you so much for yesterday - the food was fantastic - it was a thoroughly successful day - enjoyed by all.

Thank you for making life easy for me - everything cleared away.

Thank Alex and Natalie for me.

Kind regards,

M*****t T*****g

Dear Fay,

Your presence on this mornings BBC News 24 seemed a God Send for the busy people who would love to use their gas hobs occasionally if only for the experiance of the heat in the kitchen . It was so refreshing to hear for the first time a professional chef talking straight about results of cooking. It is about the satisfying our sensualities of look, smell and taste and not about hours of chopping. Bless you for that. It was just a confirmation of my first impression of you being an interesting person when i read your website that you are a colourfull character and an interesting person. As if there was another need for the crowning of it all, there was your mac.com address which is only used by real people. Bless you for being real. I needed to share this lillte info-bubble you as those little unpredictable moments stimulated by coincidental people are the nuggets of happy moments of the internal smiles that makes our days enjoyable.



October 2008
Hi Fay
Thank you for a lovely meal on Saturday night.
I appreciate you didn't have the right resources to work with, but we and the guests had a lovely meal and particularly the beef and the canapes.
The chocolate cake as you said went down a storm!

Dec 2007


Just a quick email to thank you for a wonderful meal on Saturday night. All our friends were so impressed, it really was a fabulous evening and the food was amazing.

Our friend Barnaby (the one with the lactose intolerance) was wondering if it might be possible to get recipes, particularly for the chocolate cake and the gravy. He doesn't get to eat cake and was so chuffed that he could eat it that he's taken all the leftovers home with him!

I enjoyed every dish so much that in all honestly I would like the recipes for all dishes, but am sure that is too cheeky!

If you have time and don't mind perhaps you could forward the recipes?

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you once again for a perfect evening.

Kindest regards,


well thanks so much, you have skills that I do not possess! :) T

Hi Fay,

Just to let you know Margaret emailed me today and said that she had a
lovely time Saturday and the food was outstanding.

Many thanks,



Hi Fay


Thank you again for the lovely meal – everyone really loved it, especially the starters and desserts!  By the way, did you leave any electric cables behind at the Staines Sailing Club? They found some cables that they weren’t familiar with…






Dear Fay
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your wonderful cooking at our BBQ last Saturday.  People are still talking about it!!!
We will be having another one soon, so I will be in touch for a new booking.
 Kindest regards 


June 15th 2007

Dear Fay,

Thankyou so much for your wonderful cooking and fine Stamina on Sunday.

I really would not of believed it could rain any more than last year yet the weather somehow managed it.

Everyone enjoyed the food you supplied.

One day I can assure you that it will be sunny on that bank holiday weekend I am just not sure which year.

The tent come marquee you were in blew over at 8.00pm so 10 rather inebriated  men had to gather up  poles and canvass and stuff it into bins.

The evening did not finish until well into the early hours

thanks again and we wish your family all the best

Al** and M*ch***e 

June 1st 2007

Dear Fay,

Thank you so much for the delicious food on Friday. Everything, (thank god)! went according to plan. G**** loved it as per usual, and the guests raved about the food, thank you! Can't wait to do a bbq. Thank you again for everything. speak to you soon.

love A******* xxx

April 21st 2007

Dear Fay
Thank you very much for a lovely evening the food especially the beef was wonderful.
A**n K*********thy

April 16th 2007

Good morning Fay,
Thanks for the note. We arrived back on Saturday and I have to say, it's been so nice to have the meals already prepped! So far we,ve had the bang-bang chicken and the beef vegetable stew with the potatoes. Oh, the cole slaw and hunger cake as well. Big thumbs up on all of it!! On the bread, would it be possible to do a brown grainy one (or just brown) instead of white?
No worries on the fruit and veg. I'm planning on being here this week and I figured it would take a few runs before we get it all straightened out anyway...


T**** S**b**T

19th Feb 2007
Lexus Launch
Hi Fay
Just a huge thank you for making our evening such a success. Shaun tells me that the food was fantastic.


Hi Fay
re: Sat 13th January
Just a note to say thanks for all the hard work on Saturday. Everybody really enjoyed it. We hope to be arranging another party in the near future.



Re; 23rd Dec 2006


Thank you for cooking a lovely dinner on the 23rd... Justin and I really enjoyed it.


November 2006


Thanks so much for your email.  They had a fantastic time and when we finally laid it out on the table they were delighted with it all.  The feedback was that they had a fabulous day mainly due to yourself, so am very appreciative.


Will definitely use you again Fay as think it was a great idea.  You are right in that we need to look at the kitchen aspect of it and I am having a meeting with Warwick today.


Thanks for your help in everything and will be in touch soon hopefully as we intend to push this as an onsite activity.


Warm regards


F* F******

Events Coordinator

Bovey Castle


27th November 2006



Just a quick email to say thank you for Saturday night.  The food and service was wonderful and enjoyed by all.  


Whilst it was all superb, the dessert came in for special mention by everyone – very light and moist!


Thanks again


Dav**d R*****


Dear Fay,

Thank you that was delicious!

See you soon.

Love Ar*b*l**


Dee has just rung me! I spent ten minutes listening to her talk about how amazing it was, so thank you very much for all of your help! She said the food was delicious, enough for eight people and that you were great.

Thanks again.

H***** K*******
Account Executive
Good Relations Consumer


Nov 21 2006.........PS saw our costume designer today, who also worked on Rare Books, who said that the food she had on set then was the best set food she's ever had!

W**dy B***n-M**g


[sent nov 17 2006] Just wanted to thank you for everything on Saturday night it all went perfectly thanks to you! And I think the Bride to be really enjoyed herself!

Thanks again


The food was great, the evening a resounding success - my hangover was with me until Sunday (the last people left at 5am) I really enjoyed meeting you both and watching you bring it all together - its an art form.
Bob will be sending you a seperate thank you.
I wish you well for the future.
Take care


[sent 17/10/06]

Morning Fay


Sorry for the delay in sending this email but we went on holiday the day after Tom’s birthday.  Anyhow, I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing Tom’s birthday meal and as you were probably aware it was a big hit with him and the other guests.


We will definitely be in touch if we need a Chef in the future!


Thanks again.




Sent: 07 September 2006 09:18

Hi Fay,
thank you for a really lovely meal Saturday night, everything was perfect, and having Alex to serve was an added bonus. Can I be cheeky and ask you for the recipe for the vegetable bake? it was gorgeous and we were all trying to work out what the mix was.
Thanks again

Dear Fay,,

Thank you so much for yesterday - the food was fantastic - it was a thoroughly successful day - enjoyed by all.

Thank you for making life easy for me - everything cleared away.

Thank Alex and Natalie for me.

Kind regards,

M****rt ****ing


Thank you Fay!


Hope that the work did not ruin your xmas too much,




July 20th 2006


Dear Fay


Thanking you so very much for all your fantastic work yesterday. We’ve had nothing but positive comments regarding the food and layout. “best barbeque ever”.


We look forward to being able to utilize your services again in the future. Please extend our appreciation to Tanya and Marco.


With kind regards




Please visit AAXICO at the Farnborough Air Show


I had just logged on to send a 'thank you' as the internet is just back up and running... the food was superb and everyone really enjoyed it.  The cake was absolutely wonderful...

Many thanks Fay
Kind regards
Lorraine  06/06/06


............We've had some great feedback from our guests, who were all very impressed with the event and most importantly the food.

Thanks again for all your efforts around this event, it was a pleasure to work with you.

Warm regards

(See attached file: IrishTimes27May.jpg)(See attached file:
EveningHerald11May06.jpg)(See attached file: EveningHerald12May06.jpg)(See attached file: IrishExaminer13May06.jpg)

Lisa Porter
Account Manager
Wilson Hartnell Public Relations

RE: The New Paul O'Grady Show
Hi Fay,

 Thank you so much again for helping us out on the show. Sorry it was a bit hap hazard when you first arrived. The BBC have been like that for the series so far, all 9 weeks! 

My series producers were really pleased with how the food turned out. It all looked great. I hope you don’t mind if I keep your details for any possible food items in the future.


Thanks again




p.s. I tried the brains!  

Hi Fay,


I just wanted to say on behalf of the team thank-you so much for helping us out today.  The beef looked great - I'll send you an image from the photo call when they come through to keep on your files! 

I look forward to working with you again soon,




Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 11:30 PM
Subject: Thank you so much Fay


That was a tremendous meal you cooked for us. Thank you so very much. You added huge value to the day, I think everyone will remember it and will talk about it for a long time.
Thomas’ idea of Power Lunches with Thomas and I, are a good one, we should progress this thought in the new year.
I am so pleased to have experienced your service at this level, in my own home, it is so personal, I now know exactly how to recommend you and hope to be able to treat friends with your food in the future too.

With warm regards
Penny Power

Founder and Director -Ecademy Limited

May 13th 2005


I just wanted to thank you, Adrian and Alex for helping to make my 40th
Birthday celebration so memorable.  The dinner/food was everything I had
hoped it would be.  Fantastic. The whole event was something that none of my
guests had ever experienced before and it all went like clockwork. Thank

Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 11:15 PM
Subject: Re: The Cake!
> It was wonderful and perfect and I think the characters were adorable and
> I have so much left I need to know what to do with it. Can I freeze it?
> How do I save the top piece? will it get dry if I leave it out?

Gillian Anderson

You were fantastic. I was not only impressed with the food but your can do attitude.
I will look forward to recommending you to friends and I thank you again for your help.
You helped make a great day.
Gavin D***
Paying for people's passions
Sports Loyalty Card Limited

Hi there
Thank you for a lovely prize of a personal chef for christmas day.
Petrina and her helper Ella were excellant and made the day really great
for us and our guests, taking great care with all the little details that
go to make the meal special.  Thanks once again.
Bev Stidston

Dear Fay,

On behalf of RPM and Clarion we would like to thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm in your presentations at the Caravan and Outdoor show. The recipes and meals were amazing and enjoyed by all (especially us) - we feel that these demonstrations truly added to the content of the Medieval Forest.

We would be very grateful if you could let us know when the recipes are on the website - myself and Harriet are definitely going to make the French toast for Christmas breakfast.

Best regards

Anna Martin
Senior Account Manager

Dear Fay,

Thank you very much for assisting to make the Dinner last evening a success.
Your aprons etc are safe & and awaiting collection.
 Please forward your invoice and bank details to me as I would like to settle ASAP.

ind regards

Mr Dennis.
Holland Park Villas

Dear Fay,
Thank you very much for your wonderful lunch.  It was superb and very
moorish.  We were very happy with your service.
Thank you very much again,

With best regards.

Loreta Jarvis

 Dear Fay
Your services were recommended to me by a filmmaker called Elizaberth Pinto, she spoke highly of your catering service. I am producing a WW2 Drama-Documentary, which includes organising catering for all cast and crew. Please could you read the following and if you are interested get back to me. 

Message text:
Hi Fay
I hope you are well! did you enjoy your day with us in Hereford?
More importantly..would you repeat it? ;)

The feedback I got from the students was fantastic, you really opened
their eyes to 'life below stairs'
So, from all of us and the students THANK YOU!


Fay, I have been meaning to contact you to get your mailing address - I wanted to send you a thank you for putting us in touch with Ludwig - he was FANTASTIC! He worked so very hard, was very pleasant with it and the food was wonderful - thank you again. Let me know your address. Kind regards, 

Just read your interview in Womans World. As my late father would have said, you are one ballsy lady! Given that it's midnight and I've only just got around to turning the PC on to deal with my email for the day, that was one inspiring read and sets me up nicely for a night playing catchup. Thank you.

Take care and see you soon


Fay, please accept my thanks for making Saturday evening so much pleasure for me and my friends.

Everything was superb and the feedback has been truly excellent.
Alastair McFadzean
Thanks Fay - you should increase your fees. I know I've never eaten that well in a restaurant for those prices. Don't forget to invoice Jo at Woman.  The feature is going out in July 5 issue of Woman - goes on sale June 29, however issues sometimes change, so I'll let you know if it does.
Amanda x

Building Centre London Tapas Buffet

March 7th 2005

Hello Fay,
We would like to thank you for the food
that you produced for us last night which was delicious, and especially so given that we gave you short notice to produce it.

many thanks again

Best Wishes

Kate Pointon

Dear Fay,

How can I thank you enough for making the party the great success which it was. Everyone loved the food & there was exactly the right amount as there was virtually nothing left by 4 am, except a couple of bits of wonderfully runny cheeses. I have always loved catering but for that kind of number I never get the quantities right & you did that, I guess it comes from experience. It was also beautifully presented which is the thing that first whets the taste buds. Although I don't eat seafood myself, the crab sandwiches just went 'whoosh'!

Usually at buffets I delay eating & then when I do it's all gone but fortunately my family insisted I eat something to soak up the alcohol so that I could make my speech without slurring my words which I did. I loved the Swedish meatballs and the 3 bean salad. Your approach to catering is one I fully endorse, the Escoffier maxim 'only the finest ingredients'.

I would like to take on the challenge of cooking a meal for you and your partner some time as I have a few tried & tested favourites which I'd like to try out on you and as my way of saying a treble thanks.

very best wishes

Peter Jackson

ps a few people asked for your details and I gave out your card

Just a quick email to thank you so very much for a fantastic meal on Saturday night. We felt very spolit and lucky!
Hope that you had a good journey home
Kind regards

Marie and Robert Swann.

• I would like to thank Fay and Jane. Jane for allowing us to take over her garden yesterday for a league of scary birds gathering, I really had a good time even though we were having such a laugh I didnt really want to leave but hey we had a long drive ahead. So thanks Jane for the hospitality and it was great to meet you at last. Fay Olinksy thank you for the wonderful food. Thanks to everyone who came it was really good to meet all of you and hopefully we can do this again, but next time I am staying over so I can stay longer. Thank you Peter Hunter for driving us all the way down to Birmingham there and back and for allowing me to socially kidnap Gerri Smyth on the way back to Scotland.
It was great to put names to faces and I hope you realise I have an enormous amount of respect for all of you.

• Ask Fay Olinsky, she's a fabulous chef

• Have a look at Carol Slesser, Fay Olinsky and Dawn Charles.
I haven't met them in person but I'm reliably informed that they are inspirational!

Andy Smith

• At The Midsummer Party that launched A Woman's Place, some friends and I were successful in bidding for a dinner party that was generously donated by Fay Olinsky in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Fay is the host of the World of Food here in A Woman's Place and has catered for a few of our events in the past - cooking beyond wildest dreams!
It's my friend's 40th birthday, so tonight four women will be gathered to drink champagne (we also bid for a magnum of Tattinger at the party), and sample Fay's delicious wares.
Off now to pack my posh frock and do my nails. Will report back on the menu - can't wait!

A Woman's Place - the forum for women in Ecademy

• Following my blog yesterday about the dinner party I was going to last night for my friends 40th birthday, I felt that the evening warranted an entire blog to sing the praises of A Woman's Place Personal Chef Extraordinaire, Fay Olinsky.
She drove from Buckinghamshire to Telford to cook for us (on a very windy and flood-ridden night!), and by the time I arrived (having also struggled through the gales, heavy rainstorms and the M6), the meal was being cooked - the smells coming from the kitchen were wonderful and Fay chatted to us whilst she made dinner - she makes it all look completely effortless.
The dinner party was an awesome success. Here is the menu:
Canapés - lots of lovely bits and pieces with smoked salmon, cream cheese, olive things.
The starter - warm calves liver and avocado salad.
The main course - lamb, asparagus and roast potatoes.
Pudding: Chocolate fondue with strawberries, pineapple and melon.
All divine, beautifully presented and served with a smile - the four of us thought we had died and gone to heaven. After the meal, the kitchen looked like the fairies had been! The very best bit was yet to come - Fay joined us for (one or two) drinks, and I had the pleasure and opportunity to get to know her better. She has an amazing story to tell about her life - a woman with a multitude of talents and experiences.
To anyone reading this that would like to organise a really special event, call Fay!
Fay - thank you so much for everything! And what I would very, very much welcome is seeing one or two of your recipes here in A Woman's Place - especially the chocolate sauce for the fondue - it was to die for! And how to cook for Christmas!

Finally, can I invite all of those in A Woman's Place to comment here about what you might like to see Fay contributing in her World of Food?

Warmest wishes
(slightly hungover in St Albans)

It is a privilege to be connected with such an inspiration. Fay is wonderful, she rolls up her sleeves and gets on with whatever needs doing, she is open, she is a lady.
   Barbara Saul

WOW .... I recently asked Fay if she would point me in the right direction on her website for a small gathering I am having. Within a very short space of time Fay had not only taken the time to reply and advise freely, but sent me a whole meal plan including the recipe and fool proof instructions. What an asset to Ecademy to have such a talented, friendly and approachable member. I hope to be able to meet with Fay in the near future.
   Kelly Smyrk [ 6-Nov-05 ]

You gave me professional and caring advice. Thank you.
   Remi Gauvain [ 16-Oct-05 ]

Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 11:30 PM
Subject: Thank you so much Fay


That was a tremendous meal you cooked for us. Thank you so very much. You added huge value to the day, I think everyone will remember it and will talk about it for a long time.
Thomas’ idea of Power Lunches with Thomas and I, are a good one, we should progress this thought in the new year.
I am so pleased to have experienced your service at this level, in my own home, it is so personal, I now know exactly how to recommend you and hope to be able to treat friends with your food in the future too.

With warm regards
Penny Power

Founder and Director -Ecademy Limited

A True Lady
A Kind Person
A Magical Cook
Master of Her Craft

If you want healthy, wholesome and sublime food for body and/or soul please make every effort to connect to the Fay Olinsky experience...

Fay the pleasure you create through your personality and your cuisine are both of the highest order. Your thoughtful, honest and intelligent postings are on Ecademy for all to read and recognise a very special person.

Thank you Fay I look forward to working with you more.

Warm Regards

   Don Smith[ 1-Sep-05 ]

Fay produces fantastic food sometimes in extraordinarily difficult circumstances and is a great supporter of other peoples efforts.
   Martin Shepherdly [ 4-Aug-05 ]

Thank you Fay for providing such delicious food at my corporate hospitality event. All of the guests were owners or senior directors of major hotel groups - a group well versed in catering! Since the event I have received many letters and emails from them with the highest praise for day and all comment on the high standard of food which you provided. (and you provided all this in not the easiest of conditions / locations!)
Without your help, and the help of Alex the butler, the day would not have been such a success. My sincerest thanks to you. I look forward with earnest to the next event when I can experience your great talent again.

Thank you.

   Henry Hopking [ 25-Jul-05 ] |

Fay's food is to die for - and she's such a nice person!
   Simon West [ 28-Jun-05 ]

Fay is a consummate professional & leader in her field, she is also a great, straight talking networker who has built a very strong reputation in this place.
   Paul Sherman[ 12-May-05 ]

Fay and her husband are consummate hosts, engaging company, the food is out of this world and I'm looking forward to being royally spoilt again at another function. If you need a personal chef, look no further!
   Emma James [ 10-May-05 ]

Fay makes the most incredible food! She is definitely THE BEST personal chef I know and I would recommend her services with the greatest confidence. She is also a wonderful hostess and lovely person. I'm so happy to know her!
  Mindy Gibbins-Klein (The Book Midwife) [10-May-05 ]

An inspiration to us all and puts many a person half her age to shame with her energy, wit and straight talking.

   Roger Vanstone[ 10-May-05 ]

An amazingly energetic and successful entrepreneur. Well worth meeting.

   John "The Coach" Joint[ 5-May-05 ]

I'm full of admiration for Fay. Her blogs are informative and incisive, she upholds her convictions with the resolute strength that is her hallmark and she's one of the warmest, most genuine people I have met through Ecademy, as well as being huge fun. I'm looking forward to sampling her food too and ordering my wedding cake from Fay one day!
   Emma James[ 10-Apr-05]

Fay is a great Networker
I cannot wait to try some of Fay's dishes
I remember the picture of some of Fay's cakes there were fabulous
Great to have you here on Ecademy, I am hoping to pick up some fantastic culinary skills
   Nina "Software" Bevan [ 31-Mar-05 ]

If you want to blend culinary excellence with great character, call Fay and dine in style!
   Heather-Jane Sears [ 6-Mar-05 ]

A passionate, intelligent and delightful grande dame presence on Ecademy. I'm looking forward to meeting her.

A google search on Fay's name revealed no book by her yet. So I hope that some time Fay will find the time to record some of her rich life and pertinent insights into a more durable form than her postings.

Merci Fay
   Stuart Harris [ 1-Mar-05 ]


I really enjoyed lunch on Tuesday, at Andrew Wilcox's MindManger for Ecademists Day. Everything was just perfect - particularly good risotto, and great service. The other group at the Regus Centre who were having sandwiches for their meeting looked suitably envious.

Many thanks, Ian...

   Ian MacMillan [ 11-Feb-05 ]


After eating your blogs for months, I finally get to eat your lunches on two consecutive days. They were one of the highlights of both days. When can I do it again?

Andrew Wilcox

   Andrew Wilcox [ 4-Feb-05 ]

Hi Fay

Having had the privilege of experiencing your cuisine twice in the past two days, I now know what people mean when they praise your culinary skills. However, I've not really had the chance to talk to you yet - so I look forward to an early one-to-one.

Thanks and best wishes

   Noel Austin [ 3-Feb-05 ]

Fay is a woman of substance , a very genuine human being , inspiring, caring , effective and a very unique person in my network.
   Hari B 15-Jan-05

I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said (possibly quoting someone else): "Success is moving from failure to failure, with no loss of enthusiasm".
In a rich and varied life, Fay has had more than her fair share of challenging circumstances, but seems to have navigated them with an extraordinary commitment to learn the lessons and keep moving on. This is a rare thing and should be much prized, in a world where so many people have one minor setback and then give the whole thing up as a bad job. It's hard to imagine Fay ever seeing things that way.....

It's a pleasure and a privilege to have Fay in my network, and I very much look forward to working with her in the near future.

   Patrick Moore [ 13-Jan-05 ]

Fay was delight to spend time with recently and is so very highly experienced. I am proud to have Fay in my network and look forward to getting to know her better. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is a lot of fun.
   Warren CassBlackStarMSN [ 9-Jan-05 2:46pm ] |

I have just been privileged to spend a couple of day's in Fay's company and I've had the most amazing time. She is warm, funny and fascinating as well as having a razor sharp brain. I look forward to many more such encounters in the years to come.

If you haven't yet made Fay's acquaintance, you are in for a treat.


   Philip de Lisle [ 5-Jan-05 ]

Having watched, listened and read Fay over the last 6 months, when I finally met here I was really surprised. I expected someone who was vocal and outspoken. I was wrong! She is a wonderful, warm caring individual who listens carefully and focuses on every word you say. I look forward to meeting her again, and I just know that she is one of those few women, that I just want to have as a close friend. Thank you!


   Jim Tuffin [ 5-Jan-05 ]

Fay is one of the most wonderful, fascinating woman I have ever met. I learned about her amazing life in an Interview for the Every Woman's Story feature.
Her culinary skills are second to none and always always ALWAYS exceed expectation Here's what I had to say about her catering for one of our events: "Yes I Was! When I wasn't stuffing myself full of Fay's deeeelicious food (God, the sausage and mash was soo wonderful it was positively evil), and chocolate cakes and toffee pudding (Jeff, the only male who was there helping me to set up the wireless network, had a mini main and a main dessert, diving into the cakes and pudding like no tomorrow!)"
I have no hesitation in recommending Fay's services professionally or even as a friend, as she is truly a woman of substance.

Warmest wishes
   Pei Mun Lim [ 29-Dec-04 ]

Fay Olinsky
Is one of the most fantastic people I have actually met on Ecademy.
Always has a smile on her face, even when faced with difficult situations.
A great realist that speaks from her heart, and always with great enthusiasm.

Fay is a FANTASTIC chef and a professional in every sense. I doubt there is anything she couldnt do, if she wanted to!

   Gary Stapleton  [ 1-Dec-04 ]

Having had the pleasure of sampling Fay's wonderful fare at the Woman's Place event on 29 January 2004, I can say that she is the most fantastic cook! I sampled as many different dishes as I could before getting too stuffed, and it was all wonderful - beautiful to look at, and delicious.

Wonderful stuff, Fayy!

Kathleen Fedouloff
   Kathleen Fedouloff[ 30-Jan-04 ]



Just to let you know that Alex was excellent at the conference last week.  Very thorough and professional.  I would certainly use him again at one of our events. 
Please pass on my thanks to Alex.

D** D******ood
Senior Events Manager
UK Institutional Business

Thanks for passing on the Impact Media job for me Fay. It all went well and hopefully there'll be some spin off business from it.
Best regards